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The Best Crypto YouTube Channels 2020

These are the best crypto YouTube channels in 2019 for you to watch and educate yourself on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain? They are in no particular order and here are our TOP picks.

Ivan On Tech - Tech blockchain YouTube Channels

Ivan on Tech

Ivan is all about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. He is an international blockchain speaker and educator. He Coined the term “Programmer Explains” and comes to you each and every day like an atomic clock. This may very well be best crypto YouTube channels in 2019. Did we mention he likes his coffee with no milk or sugar involved?

Paul Democritou - The Crypto Factor

Paul Democritou

Paul is not really a crypto YouTuber as his channel is more focused on entrepreneurship and sales science. But he does interview the greats that we use and is an author of multiple books on crypto including The Crypto Factor.

The Chart Guys - Best Crypto Technical analysis channels

The Chart Guys

If you like or want to learn technical analysis then The Chart Guys have the best technical analysis channel on YouTube. Charting man Dan explains and helps you trade everyday and may even show you some goats at the end of his video!

Andreas Antonopoulos - Best blockchain YouTube Channel

Andreas Antonopoulos

No crypto list would be a list worth its weight without Andreas Antonopoulos. Andreas is considered the voice of crypto and teaches you about The Internet of Money and cryptocurrencies in an entertaining and prestigious way. Check out some of his books here

Nuggets News -  blockchain news YouTube Channels

Nuggets News

Nugget’s News began as a YouTube channel to educate newcomers to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. During the market hype of 2017, Alex Saunders’ explains complex topics in a simple and straightforward manner understood and loved by beginners and professional alike.

Tone Vays - Best cryptocurrency YouTube Channels

Tone Vays

Called The Russian bear by some for his bearish views on bitcoin in 2018, some fail to realize that Tone Vays is actually a bull and Bitcoin maximalist. His channel features technical analysis as well as interviews and discussions which are fun to watch to say the least.

Nicholas Merten (DataDash) - Crypto News YouTube Channels


Nicholas Merten of DataDash calls himself a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science, and spotting global trends through cutting-edge analysis.

The Modern Investor - Crypto news YouTube Channels

The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor provides up to date daily information on the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency world. His goal is to make the crypto world a bit less confusing for everyone as they try to navigate the space. We listen to him while driving in our car!

Tech Con Catalina - Best Crypto YouTube Channels in Spanish

Tech Con Catalina

Do you speak Spanish? Better yet, do you like listening to BlockChain technology in Spanish or English to possibly the smartest and most beautiful woman in crypto? Then Catalina’s channel is for you.

Roger Ver,

Roger Ver –

Roger Ver is a pioneer in crypto and whether some like him or not for forking of BTC and creating Bitcoin Cash, he is the owner of and his insights are remarkable to say the least.

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